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Firelight & Whiskey

by Kyle Dean

"Ultimately 'Firelight & Whiskey' deftly accomplishes Dean's ambition to shine as a songwriter, with expertly crafted lyrics that are love songs without the sunshine and daisy, and lyrics that are intimately complex...'Firelight & Whiskey' may be the best local album of 2016" - Whitefish Community Radio

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Whitefish Community Radio - Live Sessions

Live Performance from the WCR Studio - 7/24/2016

Beargrass in bloom


Give me a love like leather and lace...

Solid as stone, soft as embrace.  

Open the window, let the light shine in this room

Give me a love like beargrass in bloom


Give me a love like bulletproof vest

Stronger than steel, soft as white dress

Lay down your guns, I'll lay down my soul

Give me a love like I've never known


One life, two hands to hold

three words that won't let go

Sunlight fill up this room

and love me like beargrass in bloom